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As nouns the difference between reason REASON WHY and why is that reason is a cause: while why is the reason or why can be (uk|dialect) a young heifer. Synonym Discussion of reason. Justin has been abused so badly that he stays at Bryce’s pool house for safety. What happened to Justin in &39;13 reasons why&39;? · — 13 Reasons Why Netflix also released a teaser clip for season four, showing the 13 Reasons Why cast emotionally finish their final read-through. · More than 100 Republican lawmakers and nearly half of state attorneys general have signed on to a Texas lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s election loss, and a top political analyst. These decrees ended centuries of persecution, but they may have also eroded the traditional Roman values system.

Rome had tangled with Germanic tribes for centuries, but by the 300s “barbarian” groups like the Goths had encroached beyond the Empire’s borders. Indeed, it&39;s a pronoun that can only refer to one word: reason. "The reason that" or "The reason why" If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. · The 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat. Find more ways to say reason why, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.

Based on the best-selling book by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why follows teenager Clay Jensen in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush Hannah&39;s decision to end her own life. What did Clay do to Hannah in &39;13 reasons why&39;? You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Way too many people tend to confuse their usage: &39;The reason why&39; is followed by the &39;result&39; of the situation. The reason why, not the title but the reason the Light Brigade trotted ceremoniously, not galloped, into the valley of death had everything to do with why the British system of officership was a failure and must be changed. " That&39;s true, but it&39;s also true that why means "for which," resulting in "reason for which. · In this expression, “why” is a conjunction and means “for which” or “on account of which,” according to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed. · Thirteen Reasons Why, based on the best-selling books by Jay Asher, follows teenager Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) as he returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch.

: Why did you behave so badly? for what reason, cause, or purpose? High quality example sentences with “this is the reason why” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. The Barbarian attacks on Rome partially stemmed from a mass migration caused by the Huns’ invasion of Europe in the late fourth century. Justin started out as Hannah’s friend Kat’s boyfriend.

For most of its history, Rome’s military was the envy of the ancient world. See more results. 3 Common Excuses for Cheating (and Why They&39;re Bogus) Why Men and Women See Infidelity So Differently. .

Constant wars and overspending had significantly lightened imperial coffers, and oppressive taxation and inflation had widened the gap between rich and poor. Unable to recruit enough soldiers from the Roman citizenry, emperors like Diocletian and Constantine began hiring foreign mercenaries to prop up their armies. The fate of Western Rome was partially sealed in the late third century, when the Emperor Diocletian divided the Empire into two halves—the Western Empire seated in the city of Milan, and the Eastern Empire in Byzantium, later known as Constantinople. Why "13 reasons why" is important? We all understand what a speaker or writer means by the illogical phrases like “the reason why” and “the reason is because,” etc. Esta es probablemente la razón por la que estábamos allí solo. With such a vast territory to govern, the empire faced an administrative and logistical nightmare.

Why, they point out, means "for what reason," giving us "reason for what reason. Rome struggled to marshal enough troops REASON WHY and resources to defend its frontiers from local rebe. Thirteen Reasons Why (stylized as TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY) is a New York Times best-selling young-adult fiction novel written by Jay Asher. “You Are The Reason” & “Dancing On My Own” out now!

· Both expressions (the reason why and the reason that) are correct and DIFFERENT in meaning. The Edict of Milan legalized Christianity in 313, and it later became the state religion in 380. More REASON WHY images. Being REASON WHY the Roman emperor had always been a particularly dangerous job, but during the tumultuous second and third centuries it nearly became a death sentence.

A teen finds recordings his crush and classmate made before she tragically ended her life. If Rome’s sheer size made it difficult to govern, ineffective and inconsistent leadership only served to magnify the problem. At the most basic level of explanation, the “why” serves to emphasise “reason” (e. Who is the author of the book 13 reasons why? Reason and why have basically the same meanings, so "reason why" is redundant.

reason (that): The reason these cars are so expensive is that they are largely built by hand. Justin played a very important role on Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why, at least for a while. " Even among usage writers who limit why&39;s definition, though, many accept this slight redundancy as idiomatic.

5 reasons why you should try breakfast around the world. At its height, the Roman Empire stretched from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Euphrates River in the Middle East, but its grandeur may have also been its downfall. The reason (why) that perception is correct is that why is a rather special relative pronoun. 5 reasons why your brain is mind-blowing Read. · The short answer is “the reason why” is correct grammar but the “is because” part is not. com is the leading libertarian magazine and video website covering news, politics, culture, and more with reporting and analysis. , words + logic = information. According to the historian Ammianus Marcellinus, Roman o.

Civil war thrust the empire into chaos, and more than 20 men took the throne in the span of only 75 years, usually after the murder of their predecessor. This is probably the reason why we were there alone. As a verb reason is to exercise the rational faculty; to deduce inferences from premises; to perform the process of deduction or of induction; to ratiocinate; to reach conclusions by a systematic comparison of facts. How to use reason in a sentence. The Empire spent the next several decades under constant threat befo.

The Romans weathered a Germanic uprising in the late fourth century, but in 410 the Visigoth King Alaric successfully sacked the city of Rome. Following her death, Hannah leaves behind a series of 7 double-sided cassette detailing the 13 specific people and events that she blames for her demise. Another word for reason why.

The division made the empire more easily governable in the short term, but over time the two halves drifted apart. iTunes: · The hugely successful Netflix show 13 Reasons Why has courted controversy since its inception—literally, the book it was adapted from has been challenged and banned in multiple school districts. The Romans grudgingly allowed members of the Visigoth tribe to cross south of the Danube and into the safety of Roman territory, but they treated them with extreme cruelty.

13 Reasons Why (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. ” While these G. The ranks of the legions eventually swelled with Germanic Goths and other barbarians, so much so that Romans began using the Latin word “barbarus” in place of “soldier. When these Eurasian warriors rampaged through northern Europe, they drove many Germanic tribes to the borders of the Roman Empire. Starring: Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Alisha Boe.

At the same time, the empire was rocked by a labor deficit. See full list on history. · "This is why" would be the preferred construction. Cambridge Dictionary Online lists reason why, reason that, and reason + to -infinitive. Listen to &39;The Reason Why&39; - to/TheReasonWhyIDFollow. Free minds and free markets. After four years of traumatic storylines that involved teen suicide, sexual assault, gun violence, homophobia, drug abuse. The book was published by RazorBill, a young adult imprint of Penguin Books.

Regardless of the lack of intelligence, education, or experience of the source, we can usually understand what’s meant. In the hope of avoiding the taxman, many members of the wealthy classes had even fled to the countryside and set up independent fiefdoms. You Are The Reason - Calum Scott (Lyrics)--Calum’s debut album ‘Only Human’ feat. The decline of Rome dovetailed with the spread of Christianity, and some have argued that the rise of a new faith helped contribute to the empire’s fall. The Praetorian Guard—the emperor’s personal bodyguards—assa.

Many usage writers decry reason why as redundant. Why definition, for what? 4 Reasons Why Infidelity Happens Even in Happy Relationships. Even as Rome was under attack from outside forces, it was also crumbling from within thanks to a severe financial crisis. Reason is a noun meaning "the basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction. reason why n + conj (explanation for sth ) ragione per cui, motivo per cui nf sostantivo femminile : Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere femminile: scrittrice, aquila, lampada, moneta, felicità. Reason - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary. .

6/10 IMDb 35% Rotten Tomatoes. com, the world&39;s most trusted free thesaurus. Giving it four stars out of five, Jonathan Keefe of Slant Magazine thought that it was the band&39;s most consistent album, praising the vocal harmonies as well as the cuts on which Karen Fairchild sang lead. But during the decline, the makeup of the once mighty legions began to change. His mom was a drug addict and she often rotated through violent and abusive boyfriends. · Marketing The Single Reason Why People Can&39;t Write, According to a Harvard Psychologist This common affliction is behind so much unclear and confusing writing in the world today. The noun “reason” in this usage means “cause” or “the REASON WHY thing that makes some fact intelligible,” Merriam-Webster’s says.

The Reason Why received primarily positive reviews from music critics. Christianity displaced the polytheistic Roman religion, which viewed the emperor as having a divine status, and also shifted focus aw. This is the reason why you&39;re being caged. A language’s goal is to communicate, i. Clay Jensen takes a while to listen to the tapes Hannah Baker left behind-those that explain the titular 13 Reasons Why she dies by suicide in Netflix&39;s new adaptation of Jay Asher&39;s young adult novel.


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